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Webreathe ! 

Where innovation, new ideas and hard work merged  

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Our mission

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Webreathe's story begins in 2016 with its team's shared passion for R&D and mobility. We are a French company that believes in the potential of public transportation as a means of sustainable mobility. Thanks to our innovative solutions, we optimize transportation networks for operators, agglomerations and their users. 

Today, we want to improve the way public transportation is operated. In addition to the timetables, the fares and the services, we are focusing on the user and their experience of the network. 


At Webreathe, we put the passenger and their attendance at the heart of the operator's choices. We give them the tools they need to optimize their operations and offer the best possible experience to their customers.

Our team is composed of about 20 people. We are located at Euratechologies in Lille.

A word from our CEO

"At Webreathe, we give great importance to corporate culture, team spirit and innovation, which constitute a common foundation embodying our commitments to internal and external stakeholders.


Since 2016, our company has built its development on innovation and shared values. My ambition is to continue the growth of our company, each member of the company has an important place in the project we all share!" 

Nasrédine CHENOUFI - CEO 


Join our community!  

The company was born and hired its very first employees! 

Webreathe sells its first solution! 

We moved to Lille to the Village by CA at Euratechnologies! 

Our startup grows and raises €1.2M! 

We continue to grow and evolve with more th 30 networks! 

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Our DNA 

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